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Technyflex Feline

Our 12 year old rescue cat Mufasa was finding it harder to jump up onto a chair and when getting down made an audible “ooof” sound. He spent most of the day sleeping. We have been using the Technyflex sprinkled on his food and slowly but surely he has regained the spring in his step and is out and about in the day and playing like a kitten in the evening- great to see! Right now our old boy is swatting and pouncing his toy like a kitten. It took a wee while but he has had a great result.



Paula Canning- Endurance Athlete- Sujon Blackcurrant Powder

Paula is a fabulous endurance runner. She has won the Nelson Women’s Half Marathon for 11 consecutive years. She has many other accolades including Gold in the 2016 NZ Mountain Running Masters Champs and Bronze in the 2015 World Mountain Running Masters Champs held in Betsy-Y-Code Wales and in 2014 in Telfes Austria. She is a very tough athlete and a lovely person! Paula is well known in these parts as a woman at the top of her game and one who trains very hard indeed. She has recently started using our Sujon Blackcurrant Powder and this is Paula’s feedback:
Sujon Powder is easy to use, enjoyable and easy to consume. Using Sujon has benefited me in performance and recovery.
Since taking Sujon powder prior to training and racing I have noticed a more consistent and sustainable energy source throughout my performance, most noticeably over longer distances.
For post racing and training the most significant difference has been the recovery benefits. It has assisted with muscle recovery, as I rarely experience muscle soreness. After a hard effort I no longer experienced lows of fatigue, this has enabled me to focus on work and other everyday tasks more efficiently.
Sujon is now a part of my daily diet.

Paula Canning Nelson.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

I was impressed with Patricia Warhurst, she did thermal imaging on Tequila. She was AMAZING at explaining what she was doing, how to fit saddles etc. So patient but very clear and easy to understand. Thankfully Tequila gets a tick for no back or muscular problems 🙂 Yay!!! Amazing how many horses are probably having to put up with ill fitting saddles.

Ngaire Piggott and Tequila.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

I just want to say how completely delighted I am with the service Patricia and Natural Mobility NZ has provided today for me and my beautiful boy Rainmaker. Patricia’s calm and systematic approach quickly identified my saddle problems and the thermal imaging provided the data to support her findings as well as a very doable way forward. I learned so much today…thank you so much Patricia. We will definitely be working with Patricia on a regular basis!”

Sarah Wilkins and Rainmaker.



Hi Trish, was pleased to meet you the other week and to let you know: I just realised yesterday that without even noticing it I am no longer having continual pain in my right knee and ankle and a slight loss of dexterity with it- problems which came from being a gymnast and a roller skater for approx 5/6 years in my younger days. I was climbing up and down a small retainer putting plants into a bank and it just struck me that those joints weren’t bothering me at all. Good joint stuff you have!!!

Cheers, KJ.


Blackcurrant Powder and Equine Recoup

Response to our enquiry as to how the products were working:

“Hey we are doing fine! My neck pain is getting better by the day and another bonus has been getting rid of an eye twitch for me 🙂 Rainy (the horse) is completely full of the joys of spring (even though it is winter) and going great guns! Terry (husband) has it on his cereal and says he has got heaps more energy and is sleeping really well! Marvelous stuff I say! :)”

Sarah Wilkins.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“I found Trish (and her sidekick Merv) to be of great value, not just to me but also to my little horse Lulu. Trish has picked up on some very good points with her thermal imaging, that I could never have imagined. I highly recommend to every horse owner to have your horse thoroughly checked out by Trish. I feel totally relieved to know exactly what the issues are with my horse. Lulu was rearing and bucking and Trish picked up that she had an ill fitting saddle, sore shoulders and back, so guess what, we are off to buy a new saddle.”

Angie Jordan.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“Highly recommend Patricia for any saddle fitting issues. Thermal imaging is the way to go as you can instantly see any problem areas without it being a guessing game. Pretty amazing!

Along with Patricia’s caring nature and professionalism her wealth of knowledge in how a saddle should fit on the horse and you is invaluable. Her on going support and advise is much appreciated. Can’t thank you enough.”

Donna Boyd.


Technyflex Canine and Mobicosa

“Our 9yr old dog Tippy was slowing down. He was slow to get up out of his bed, slow to move and was lacking the enthusiasm he had as a younger dog. We decided to try him on the Technyflex Canine Powder and were surprised by the results. Within days he was more agile, happier and moving with more ease. It worked so well we got some Mobicosa for my husband who has suffered for years with sore knees. When he remembers to take them they work well and he is pain free.”

Tina Hitchcock.



“Hi Patricia,

The Mobicosa is going very well for me. After 2 knee operations I have moderate arthritis in my left knee joint and patella and from previously being very active, having to downgrade my exercise has been difficult to adjust to.

The cream has given me quick relief (within 30 minutes) and now I have completed the loading phase of the tablets, I have been able to go for walks through Cleland National Park some 12 kms with very little pain and inflammation post exercise. I am extremely encouraged and keen to see the effects of the product through the medium term.

I will gladly keep you updated of my results. Thank you so much for formulating a great product.”


Postscript: one month later- “If anything, the Mobicosa is working better now after some weeks, my knee is very manageable despite the arthritis.”


Saddle Fitting and Thermal Imaging

“I first met Patricia Warhurst from Thermal Imaging South Island Ltd when she came down to Christchurch in March 2015 to do some Thermal Imaging and saddle fitting assessments for horses. I have owned my horse Nelson (gypsy cob/stationbred cross) for 3 years. During this time he has shown signs of discomfort in his hindquarters and back and generally hasn’t been a happy chappie. He would walk away with a grumpy face when you go out to the paddock to halter him, and would always boss the rest of the herd around constantly. When he was ridden it was like he just didn’t understand what I was asking of him but put up with it.

I took him to Patricia’s clinic because I wanted some answers as to what was going on. I needed to see visual proof so I could help find a way to heal my horse and move forward. Nelson stood like a lamb as if he knew we were trying to help him. Thankfully it was a positive outcome and mostly came down to muscle soreness. When it came to doing my saddle fit assessment, it was there that I found all my problems. Patricia did a thorough examination of my saddle and showed me how restricting it was on Nelson causing pressure and discomfort. She talked me through the whole process of how a saddle should fit, right down to drawing on Nelson’s back with chalk showing me how the shoulder moves and the correct position a saddle should be placed onto the horse’s back so it is free from the shoulder and doesn’t restrict movement and free from the ribs also. I was blown away by this information as no-one has ever done this for my horse when I have bought a new saddle.

I would definitely recommend Patricia to anyone wanting saddle fitting advice. She is friendly and caring and offers excellent information. There is more to fitting a saddle than you think. It is an important part of owning a horse and is very much overlooked. It has certainly opened my eyes. We need more people like you in the horse world.

Thanks so much Patricia.”

Karen Cochrane.

P.S. Karen rang me back to say Nelson is going great guns, is happy and is now playing with his paddock mate which he has never done before!


Technyflex Equine

“Thx for the slow motion video, it is good to see a horse tracking up in slow motion and it tells it all whether they are going soundly on the concrete ground! Patricia Warhurst, I am so happy with how Jazz is going! The Technyflex definitely helps- the ground was like concrete yesterday and she was tracking up very happy! Her tendons today are not puffy- nothing- she is happy and sound!”

Karen Barnett.


Saddle Fitting and Thermal Imaging

“I can’t thank Patricia enough for all her help with finding and fitting my unhappy horse a lovely new saddle. She was there throughout the whole process, starting with Thermal Imaging, recognizing and explaining the issues with badly fitting saddles recommended by other professional saddle fitters, measuring up for a custom made saddle, ordering process and finally checking and approving the new saddle. Diesel is now much more forward moving with three beautiful paces and is generally a much happier horse. Thanks again Patricia!”

Liga Rakauska.


Technyflex Equine and Saddle Fitting

“Thanks Patricia. Blue and I had a ball, it was a great ride and he showed no ill effects. I think the Technyflex and the right riding situations along with the saddle being correct now are making a big difference because after each ride to date, he has been great the next day.”

Neske Duffy.


Technyflex Equine

“Hi Patricia. I started George on Technyflex when I got home as he was lame and he came sound straight away. Rode him on Wednesday and he felt great.”

Thanks,  Michelle Fleming.


Technyflex Canine

“Thank you Patricia for introducing my two Labradors to Technyflex. They love it, I think it’s their equivalent of a coffee fix!!! Ruger the elder of the two had lost his appetite after his kennel mate had passed on earlier in the year. He had started losing condition and was quite disinterested in everything. Since taking Technyflex he has gained weight, his coat is so glossy, has bright eyes and he has the energy of a young dog. He has even started jumping up on to the back of the car which as a young dog he never did.”

Isabel Simpson.


Saddle Fitting

“Got saddle fitting issues? Not sure if your saddle fits your horse? I can highly recommend Patricia Warhurst from Thermal Imaging South Island. She is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. I am glad I asked her to help.”

Marion Georgiev.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“Thanks so much for your help on Friday. It was so good to see the imaging to get a clear idea of where Harry was at, and to know that he wasn’t lame! We now have a clear direction to work in which is peace of mind. You provide a fantastic service which we will highly recommend!”

Thanks, Nic and Meila.


Saddle Fitting and Thermal Imaging

“Ok so Nelson seems to be abundant with saddle fitters at the moment but after spending $150 last week with a saddle fitter what couldn’t even put my saddle back together I am going to share some valuable information with you all. Patricia Warhurst of Thermal Imaging South Island Ltd is worth 10 saddle fitters. First off she was the only person to question my saddle from all the therapists that I use and have used to try and figure out why my stallion is lame on a circle. Pinpointing with her fantastic thermal imaging camera where the painful points are. Then today we spent a couple of hours putting different saddles on him, working him, then looking at the heat patterns with the camera on him and the saddle. It was mind blowing. So I highly recommend this to everybody if you are at all unsure about your saddle fit or the physical well being of your horse or you just want to check, it will knock your socks off. Also if you are paying good money for a saddle wouldn’t it be nice to be absolutely sure it really fits.”

Joe Ragg.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“Patricia Warhurst came out and imaged one of my horses last week. So now instead of going down many different avenues of trying to find out what is making him uncomfortable, we now have direction and can stop wasting money 🙂 Highly recommend her and her saddle fitting knowledge :)”

Kelly Harris.


Thermal Imaging

“Patricia Warhurst helped with diagnosing side bone in my horse Harry, and also gave Mark and I comfort when we were purchasing our home that it’s all watertight. She has great skill with the imaging, particularly in relation to horses with her knowledge of anatomy and physiology.”

Lee Stevens.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“Thanks to Patricia Warhurst for Thermal Imaging Frankie today. Now we can fix her sore back no worries. What a fantastic tool, and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s amazing!!”

Michelle O’Connor.


Thermal Imaging

“Hi Patricia,

A big thank you for helping us find the elusive leak in our house.

It had been a long reoccurring problem for years, with roofers, plumbers and builders unable to locate where the water was coming from and much unnecessary expense on trying to fix things that ultimately did not solve the problem.

Using your thermal imaging you were able to isolate the area where there were signs of leakage and your comprehensive report and images showed these very clearly.

From there we were able to get the leak finally sorted and thank you very much for your prompt and very efficient service, it was a pleasure dealing with you and we will not hesitate to recommend your service to our friends.”

Kind Regards,

Astrid and Allan Sims.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“I thought I would share with you all, even though I am probably speaking to the converted that Patricia Warhurst of Thermal Imaging South Island Ltd rocks. Not only did she find that all my lameness issues (which have been going on for months and lots of $$$ with different therapies) were coming from a badly fitting saddle, but today we tried on some other saddles and with the thermal imaging camera and Patricia’s awesome knowledge in saddle fitting we were able to see how the saddles fitted from the heat patterns on both my horse’s back and the heat on the saddle. I can’t recommend this method as a diagnostic enough. Thanks Patricia.”

Joanne Ragg.


Thermal Imaging

“Hi Patricia, I’ve looked at the report. I’m impressed with it as well as happy. Thanks.”

Emily B.


Thermal Imaging

“Hi Patricia, thanks for imaging our house. The images and photos from the camera are really clear showing where we were leaking heat. I was surprised how many gaps we had. I have been up in the ceiling and found and filled all the gaps using the images. Having the images to guide me saved a heap of time up in the roof space. It has made a big difference to our warmth levels, particularly in the mornings.”

Cheers, David.


Thermal Imaging

“Many thanks for the report- great to see it since the poor horse can’t tell us where he’s sore!”

Regards, J.D.


Thermal Imaging

“I recommend Patricia’s Thermal Imaging. She is very thorough and professional.  You can waste a lot of time and money ‘guessing’ what you think may be an issue- her camera will pinpoint any problem areas. She will give you a detailed report that you can then discuss with your vet, chiropractor etc.”

Lucas Saddlery.


Thermal Imaging and Saddle Fitting

“Thanks to Patricia, she sorted our saddle fitting problems. We knew one saddle was causing the trouble, but not sure which one. One trip to Patricia, and we knew which one. With time, and back on track rugs, we re-scanned, and found her all better and able to compete at Horse of the Year. So I highly recommend getting this done!”

Michelle O’Connor.


Thermal Imaging

“After 5 years of having no-one listen to my concerns about our son’s physical issues (leg problems), we went to Patricia to see what she would make of it.

She gave him a full physical going over, then went over him with the thermal imaging camera. The thermal imaging camera showed us many areas of concern, in places we had not considered. she then spoke with us about different options and the best way forward to resolve the issues. she then referred us to a specialist and since then we are finally being taken seriously and feel like there might be light at the end of the tunnel.  We are very gratefull for her, for her time and effort in helping us with a path forward.”

Jemma T.


Thermal Imaging

“Highly recommended. Patricia Warhurst is awesome to deal with and knows her stuff. Thanks so much for your help”

Moweena Manson.

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