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Technyflex – Charlie, Dalton, Floki and Bodhi

Charlie and Dalton

It works so well!!  My oldest dog was diagnosed with arthritis in his spine earlier this year, he improved so much after taking the Technyflex that I started my other dog on it as well as a precaution.  They both now jump around like puppies again.

My kitten had 2 knee surgeries, 6 months ago to repair a luxating patella so I started her and her sister on the Technyflex seeing as it worked so well for my dogs.  All of my pets have soft, shiny coats and no mobility issues whatsoever now, so I will keep giving them the Technyflex indefinitely.




Floki and Bodhi

Beck Harris

Technyflex Canine – Jirou and Farah

Jirou long jumping 2.2 metres in Tracking Trials

Just a quick update to let you know how Jirou is getting on.

I am pleased to say that he is no longer receiving any Carprieve and is solely on the Technyflex Canine. I slowly reduced the Carprieve and he has not had any for just over a week.

I have not seen any stiffness or lameness in him since a few days after starting Technyflex a month ago.

I am really impressed in the improvement he has made! It made my heart ache every time he got up sore and stiff. Now we have none of that. He has had some challenging exercise in the last two weeks and there has been no sign of the arthritis stiffness after resting.

I have just put in an online order for the larger container of capsules as I intend to now administer the Technyflex to my 11 year old border collie bitch who has spent approximately 18 months on Carprieve. I am confident that I will see an improvement in her too.

I am really stoked at the results we’ve had. The fact that he is not favouring his hind leg the way he used to is definitely a huge and significant improvement! It will be interesting to see mum Farah’s response to the Technyflex.

Thank you for this life improving product!!

Farah – NZ’s first Working Trials Grand Champion. Jirou’s dam.

Leesa, Jirou and Farah

Technyflex Feline – Tiger

I bought your product Technyflex, for Feline, for our cat as he had just started to get a bit of arthritis in his back legs as he is almost 13 now, he is a Bengal Cat a real beauty. We gave him the prescribed amount for the first 10 days, and now 1 capsule a day, it took about 3 weeks and now he has not limped since, and he even eats his food a lot better with the Green Lipped Powder in it. Boy has it worked wonders on Tiger, I don’t know whether it’s me but his well being seems 100% better since he has been on the medicine, He even had a bit of a bowel problem but now its fine. He has been on it for about 3 months now what a difference it has made. We have told people about it who know Tiger and they can see how good he is now, And now we ourselves have started to take the one for humans, as we have a few aches and pains lol with age, my husband works out a lot so he has also started to take it. We will let you know how it works out for us, but thanks a million for helping with Tiger’s problem.

Gloria and Tiger

Technyflex Canine – Cassie

I’ve been giving Technyflex to my dog Cassie for quite a while now. She is 15 years old, with stiffness in her joints from arthritis. Technyflex helps her keep mobile, and when I’ve run out she really shows a distinct deterioration in her movement. I would recommend the product as a valuable aid to keeping your dog happy and mobile.

Beth Thorpe and Cassie

Technyflex Canine – Ob Ch Jalain Ace Venturer (AJ)

I started AJ on Technyflex last year after he had had a cut paw, then a corn formed and this had to be removed. He has been left with a sprung toe and arthritis in the paw. He continued training and competing. However, one month I ran out of the supplement and about a week later, at class, he seemed disinterested in working, and he had lost the excitement to work and train. On reflection, the only thing I had changed was not adding his Technyflex, so back to Patricia and Merv on my way home and back onto Technyflex. Back at class in the weekend, I had my bouncy, sparkly eyed dog back again! The great thing about the supplement is being able to adjust the dose according to what we are doing- less in the summer, and an extra tablet when we are travelling and competing.

I am also feeding my senior dog on the tablets. He is now more active and alert, and he has finally lost some of his hard to shift weight! And their coats look great!!!!!!

PS Many of our doggy school friends are now on it!

Joan and AJ

Technyflex Canine – Digger

Hi Patricia, just letting you know Digger has been on Technyflex Canine since the Adelaide Show 2016 and from the first day was quite happy to have it straight out of the container. During this time he has lost weight and is full of energy for whatever is on offer. The vet has said there is more grating in the hips but there is no outward signs of this and at this stage, luckily I have not had to use any other medications to help him. Merry Christmas.

Cassandra and Digger

Technyflex Canine – Sox

I have a big dog who has had to have cruciate knee replacements, she has arthritis in the joints and she has been unable to move around without my help. I nearly had to make the heartbreaking decision to stop her suffering, as vets wanted to send her for MRI scans etc and she is only 6. So I researched arthritis medication in dogs and your website came up so I ordered by first lot of powder and then started to notice her increase in mobility an dit was thankfully the same week in which I was booked in for tests and scans for her.

She is now so much more mobile and my vet has asked me what am I doing differently as they cannot believe the difference in her and I told them about your products. They are a bit sceptical but I tole them I totally believe its made so much difference and has saved her life so Sox and I thank you so much and I have been telling everyone about your product.

Tara and Sox

Technyflex Canine – Fudge

Hi, I’m Fudge Crighton. Not so long ago, I was feeling very much older than my 7 years. My joints hurt, I was limping, and not able to keep up with my human when she took me for a run. She gave up taking me, and I got fatter and slower and limped more. Then she found out about Technyflex, and gave me some in my morning dry food. After no more than 3 or 4 days, I started feeling so much better that I stopped limping! Soon I was able to run around again, and now I can keep up with my friends when we play chase. I’m glad Mum found out about Technyflex, and I hope she keeps buying it! Seriously folks, Fudge did stop limping within 3 or 4 days of his first dose of Technyflex Canine, and it would certainly be my first response to an future signs of arthritic deterioration n any of my pets. Technyflex is so good for giving older animals a new lease on life. It’s all good when the pain goes away!

Ingrid Crichton and Fudge

Technyflex Canine – Bailey

This is Bailey. He hurt his elbow joint when he was about 7 months old. After a visit to the vets he was put on anti-inflammatory drugs as it was thought he might have elbow dysplasia (basically he would be living a life in constant pain and having to use pain management drugs forever), even on anti-inflammatory drugs he was still not able to use his leg to bear weight. It was very sad to think that this very young puppy would not be able to enjoy life as he should!

Technyflex was recommended to me by a lady at work and also by my wonderful dog chiropractor. I was desperate to give Bailey the quality of life that he deserved! I decided to give it a try. After about a week – it was incredible to see Bailey walking again and it didn’t take him long after that to start being able to get a bit of a ‘pug run’ happening. I’m so happy that Bailey now lives a pain free and very active life! I really don’t know where we would have been without Technyflex. Thank you!

Kathryn and Bailey

Technyflex Feline – Mufasa

Our 12 year old rescue cat Mufasa was finding it harder to jump up onto a chair and when getting down made an audible “ooof” sound. He spent most of the day sleeping. We have been using the Technyflex sprinkled on his food and slowly but surely he has regained the spring in his step and is out and about in the day and playing like a kitten in the evening- great to see! Right now our old boy is swatting and pouncing his toy like a kitten. It took a wee while but he has had a great result.