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Thermal diagnosis

Often it is difficult to identify exactly what is going on with your animals due to their tendency to try and mask any pain they are experiencing. You know something is wrong but you are unsure if it is their back that is hurting or perhaps they have damaged something like their cruciate ligament in their stifle. X-rays will show bone damage only, and ultrasound is often very inconclusive. There are not many other diagnostic tools available to most vets and animal owners to try and identify what is wrong.

This is where thermal imaging is so useful. If there is any inflammation or nerve damage in tissues underlying the skin, they will usually show up very well with infrared thermal imaging.

The whole surface of the animal can be scanned with the camera and any places of damage pinpointed due to the increased (or decreased) heat showing up on the skin. Once the area of injury is identified, then a plan of action for treatment can take place. No more ‘groping in the dark’ to find what is wrong.

Dog with serious inflammation over back and stifle

Many injuries can be identified using thermography including:

The beauty of using an infrared camera is that it is non-invasive, quiet and does not require sedation. You can take many images of the whole body and individual body parts quickly and easily and then examine the images at your leisure on the computer later, as well as being able to digitally enhance the images.

Thermal scanning is an excellent adjunct to other diagnostic tools in aiding the correct identification of an injury and also how that injury is progressing during recovery.

Will thermography work on my dog or cat?

Infrared thermal imaging can be used on any animals, from alpacas to antelope, greyhounds to great danes, eels to elephants, so long as the area of interest is not covered in thick, dense hair or wool.

If your animal is showing poor performance, or is experiencing temperament changes, there could be an underlying physical cause that you are missing. Thermal imaging enables a whole body scan to be performed quickly and easily to check for injury, at a very affordable price.

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