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Equine Recoup is literally the making of three racehorses (and counting)

1st November, 2018

Bred by myself Dr Greg Clark and raced by the Wagner syndicate, I consider Ben, as he is known by his paddock name, to be somewhat of a miracle horse who owes a lot of his good fortune to blackcurrants and the horsemanship of Cambridge based trainer Tarissa Mitchell.

Involved in the early development of the blackcurrant supplement Equine Recoup, I was fully aware of the scientific studies reporting the ability of blackcurrant extracts to improve cardio vascular function and general health in humans. With this in mind and to be honest a wee bit of wishful thinking I set out to see if blackcurrant anthocyanins could have a similar impact on horse health in particular fertility.

You see I’d been given, for free, from Totara Park thoroughbred stud in Whangarei a barren mare to act as a paddock mate for a broodmare of mine to keep her company. The mare was believed to have become infertile after the stud had tried for several years unsuccessfully to get her in foal after producing two foals early on in her breeding career.

This was all fine, she made a great paddock friend, until a nephew of the mare won his first 8 races in a row in Australia. With bloodlines everything in the racing game and a rising star in the family I had to try to get the mare in foal. This is where Equine Recoup comes into play. Could the anthocyanins in the product impact the mares fertility in a positive way and allow her to get in foal and carry a pregnancy to full term?

The thought here was that potentially the mare’s reproductive issues, or so I’d read, could be the result of poor blood flow to the uterus, a common link to infertility, and that the anthocyanins within the product could help improve oxygenated blood flow to the area. What did I have to lose and so I began feeding the mare a handful of the berry extract once a day in the month leading up to her visit to the stallion and for the months following.

Fast forward to today I now, in syndication with members of the Sujon team, have two sons of the mare racing and am convinced that these two horses grace the tracks because of the role Equine Recoup had on their mums fertility leading up to conception and throughout each pregnancy.

Watch this space with these two horses. Wagner is now a race winner of 3 races and multiple placings while his half-brother Ohthoserussians has just kicked off his racing career and has a third to his credit from 3 starts. Both horses are feed daily with Equine Recoup at the racing stables of Tarissa with the role here of the anthocyanins being to improve oxygenated blood flow to the working muscle to aid recovery and assisting Tarissa to get maximum training and racing efforts from the boys.

I love the racing and breeding game and I’m looking forward to a great summer of racing particularly over the summer carnival at Riccarton with Tarissa now based out of stables in Christchurch.

Obviously, I can’t say I’m not biased but speaking from experience I would urge anyone experiencing fertility issues with their broodmare or stallion for that matter to give Equine Recoup a go and of course I consider it an essential part of the diet and wellbeing for any performance horse be they thoroughbred, trotter or three day eventer.

Cheers and good luck with your horses and keep an eye out for Wagner and Ohthoserussians

All the best Greg

Horse had Fractured Fetlock

21st March, 2018

“5 years ago Charlie and I both had a rotational fall along the beach and he fractured his fetlock. He has now been on Technyflex for a year and a half and he has improved more than I could imagine. In 2017 he has been jumping comfortably and confidently over 1m showjumping and when we compete at Horse Trials he is cruising around EVA80 cross country courses within optimum time and recovering quickly to go clear in the showjumping phase. Not only has it improved his jumping it has also improved his dressage, this year he has given me the best dressage tests he has in his whole life. I remember the first dressage test I did after putting him on Technyflex, at the final halt I saluted, gave him a huge pat and I cried happy tears as this was the most amazing test he had done.”

Jessica, South Australia.


Charlie the Wonder Horse

8th August, 2017

9th August 2017

It’s a month away but I’m getting super excited for our first grade 2/EVA95 event �
Wouldn’t be able to do it without my coach Tamara Badcock and sponsor Patricia Warhurst from Natural Mobility NZ. Thank you for keeping Charlie feeling amazing on Technyflex, he definitely does not feel like a 16 year old that fractured his fetlock a few years ago!
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Winning Endurance Runner- Paula Canning

25th July, 2016

Paula C World Mt running 2015 3 wmrc Italy (2)

Paula is a fabulous endurance runner. She has won the Nelson Women’s Half Marathon for 11 consecutive years. She has many other accolades including Gold in the 2016 NZ Mountain Running Masters Champs and Bronze in the 2015 World Mountain Running Masters Champs held in Betsy-Y-Code Wales and in 2014 in Telfes Austria. She is a very tough athlete and a lovely person! Paula is well known in these parts as a woman at the top of her game and one who trains very hard indeed. She has recently started using our Sujon Blackcurrant Powder and this is Paula’s feedback:
Sujon Powder is easy to use, enjoyable and easy to consume. Using Sujon has benefited me in performance and recovery.
Since taking Sujon powder prior to training and racing I have noticed a more consistent and sustainable energy source throughout my performance, most noticeably over longer distances.
For post racing and training the most significant difference has been the recovery benefits. It has assisted with muscle recovery, as I rarely experience muscle soreness. After a hard effort I no longer experienced lows of fatigue, this has enabled me to focus on work and other everyday tasks more efficiently.
Sujon is now a part of my daily diet.
Paula Canning Nelson.

Whoo Hoo off to the Royal Adelaide Show!

18th July, 2016

Whoo hoo! We’re off to the Royal Adelaide Show in September! Come and visit us at the Pet Centre Pavilion, Site 20. You’ve got the opportunity to pick our brains and hear all about the product range, as well as prize draws. See you there.


23rd June, 2016


Hi, I’m Fudge Crichton. Not so long ago, I was feeling very much older than my 7 years. My joints hurt, I was limping, and not able to keep up with my human when she took me for a run. She gave up taking me, and I got fatter and slower and limped more. Then she found out about Technyflex, and gave me some in my morning dry food. After no more than 3 or 4 days, I started feeling so much better that I stopped limping! Soon I was able to run around again, and now I can keep up with my friends when we play chase. I’m glad Mum found out about Technyflex, and I hope she keeps buying it!
Seriously folks, Fudge did stop limping within 3 or 4 days of his first dose of Technyflex Canine, and it would certainly be my first response to any future signs of arthritic deterioration in any of my pets.
– Ingrid Crichton, Victoria, Australia
Technyflex is so good for giving older animals a new lease on life. It’s all good when the pain goes away!

Tara and Sox

15th June, 2016

Tara and Sox

“I have a big dog who has had to have cruciate knee replacements, she has arthritis in the joints and she has been unable to move around without my help.
I nearly had to make the heartbreaking decision to stop her suffering, as Vets wanted to send her for MRI scans etc and she is only 6. So I researched arthritis medication in dogs and your website came up so I ordered my first lot of powder and then started to notice her increase in mobility and it was thankfully the same week in which I was booked in for tests and scans for her.
She is now so much more mobile and my Vet has asked me what am I doing different as they cannot believe the difference in her and I told them about your product, they are a bit sceptical but I told them I totally believe it’s made so much difference and has saved her life so Sox and I thank you so much and I have been telling everyone about your product.” Tara – Mandurah, WA

How you feel when…

14th June, 2016

Its not just a dog
I love this! Makes my day!

Calling All Athletes

14th June, 2016
Woman jogging down an outdoor trail at sunset

Woman jogging down an outdoor trail at sunset

Did you know that our Blackcurrant Powder has been scientifically proven to: reduce total lactic acid accumulation by 14% and for the same lactic accumulation the power output was increased by 6%? It also improved peripheral blood flow by 16% which results in a more effective clearing of waste products during and post exercise and increased muscular effort possible. Further, in endurance athletes the heart stroke volume increased by 25% and and the cardiac output by 26%. This will vastly improved any athletic pursuit, but particularly in endurance athletes. Why wouldn’t you want to add a 100% natural food product to your diet that produced such spectacular results. Visit our online shop for more info or to order yours today. 🙂

Bailey the Pug

9th June, 2016

Pug Bailey Testimonial
This is Bailey – he hurt his elbow joint when he was about 7 months old (September 2012), after a visit to the vets he was put on anti-inflammatory drugs as it was thought he might have elbow dysplasia (basically he would be living a life in constant pain and having to use pain management drugs forever), even on the anti-inflammatory drugs he was still not able to use his leg to bear weight. It was very sad to think that this very young puppy would not be able to enjoy life as he should!

TECHNYFLEX was recommended to me by a lady at work and also by my wonderful dog chiropractor. I was desperate to give Bailey the quality of life that he deserved! I decided to give it a try. After about a week – it was incredible to see Bailey walking again and it didn’t take him long after that to start being able to get a bit of a ‘pug run’ happening. I’m so happy that Bailey now lives a pain free and very active life! I really don’t know where we would have been without Technyflex. Thank you!
Kathryn and Bailey

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