Dedicated to the comfort & wellbeing of you & your animals

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April special for Australian equine owners
Dedicated to the comfort & wellbeing
of you & your animals
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"After two knee operations and adjusting to arthritis my activity had reduced significantly. The Mobicosa Gel gives me quick relief, and the Mobicosa capsules have enabled me to return to my hikes of 12kms with very little pain or inflammation."

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"We recently 'inherited' an old arthritic, deaf and partially blind abandoned dog. We tried him on Technyflex Canine and the transformation is totally amazing! He is now healthy, bright-eyed and bushy tailed!"

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"The Blackcurrant Powder seems to have worked wonders on our blood pressure and blood sugars levels- they are dropping back to normal and our energy levels are great!"

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"My horse is completely full of the joys of spring (even though it is winter) and going great guns with the competitive trail riding. I've never had such low heart rates or such quick recovery!"

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"I started George on Technyflex when I got home as he was lame and he came sound straight away. Rode him on Wednesday and he felt great."

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"My elderly cat was slowing down and no longer jumping up on the bed. Technyflex Feline totally changed my cat around- he is bouncing around just like he used to."

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"Thermal imaging is the way to go as you can instantly see any problem areas without it being a guessing game. Pretty amazing!"

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"My horse was rearing and bucking and Trish picked up that she had an ill fitting saddle, sore shoulders and back. I feel totally relieved to know exactly what the issues are with my horse."

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Thermal Imaging / Thermography

Thermal Imaging / Thermography Thermal imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool for identifying changes in soft tissue in animals. Slight heat changes are detected that signify damage, inflammation, soreness or nerve damage. More details

Saddlefit Assessment

Saddlefit Assessment It is critical for you and your horse to have a saddle that fits you both well. For the horse a poor fitting saddle can be life threatening. More details

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